Getting Started

Below are the instructions on how to use the Builder Calendar app. Each time something is saved on the app, the data is backed up to the cloud where it can then be accessed from multiple devices using the most current saved items. Bypassing step 1 is considered the “trial version”. It will only allow the user to create 1 job and will not backup any of its data.


Go to the url and register to create an account. Under the “account management” tab, select “subscription” and sign up for the plan that best fits your current or future needs. After a plan is selected, go back to the “account management” page and select “device”. Create a device and give it a unique name such as “Kyle’s iPad” so that the cloud will know what device it is communicating with. The “read only” selection is to give a specific user access to the content without having the ability to make any changes. For full access, do not select read only. Copy and paste the “Access Token” into the subscription dialog box under “settings” in the Builder Calendar App and click “Save”. Be sure to use the specific Access Token for each device. Account management is the only need to use the website.

2)Create a Process List

Under the settings page select “Processes”. Select “New” to create a new process list. Each process list is a list of steps that you’d like to have associated with a New Property (or job address). This list is copied and pasted each time you create a New Property but once a Property is created, altering the process list will only effect future New Properties. We strongly suggest you spend ample time and make sure your Process List is completely setup how you’d like it before you start creating Properties. Create a new step inside the Process List and give it a name, duration (number of days you expect this task to take), and where you’d like this step added in the process list. Make sure the very first step has *First* selected as a blank selection will crash the app.

3) Create Subdivisions

Under the settings page, select subdivisions and create a new subdivision. The subdivision names is what organizes the lists of Properties on the home page.

4)New Property

After you have created your Process List and your Subdivisions you can start creating Properties (or jobs). Under the home page, select “New” to get started. Enter just the house numbers in the first dialogue box and enter the street name in the “street” box. Be careful to be consistent with your street names as minor changes will affect how the properties are ordered. Any information you don’t have can be left blank and entered later. Be sure to select the appropriate Process List you’d like copied to this Property. Once you click “Save”, the Property will be created and shown on the home screen.


Under the Property you are working with you will see the Process Steps that were copied from the selected Process List. At this point the list under the address is ONLY associated with the selected Property and can be modified without altering any other list. You may even alter the step name without any consequences. To schedule a step, click on the appropriate step. The “start date” is what date the step is scheduled to start on. This date will be where the the step shows up on the calendar. The “Confirmed” tab is used to document when the step was scheduled and with whom it was scheduled with. Entering a name is optional. The “Completed Date” is when the step was actually completed. Once a step is marked complete, it will no longer be displayed on the calendar and a check mark will be displayed next to the step under the Property Step List. You can also mark a step complete by swiping sideways on the step under the Property Step List. The “Duration Days” is how many days the task is scheduled to take. Once overdue, the step will show in red on the calendar. This is also used to show the user how many days remain for the step on the calendar. Use 0 if you do not wish to use this feature.

6) Calendar

Select the Calendar page to display the scheduled items (On the iPad you will see the entire week in landscape orientation). Swipe sideways on the date at the top to view different days or select the calendar icon to select a specific day. On today’s date, you will see every item that was scheduled for that day and also the previous overdue steps that have not been marked complete yet. The future days will show only what is scheduled for that particular day. Swiping left will allow you to mark a step complete from the calendar page.


On the settings page, clicking on the “SYNC” button will ensure that everything on the cloud and your device is the most current version. When you start up the app, it automatically does a quick SYNC however it is still suggested to manually SYNC often. Please be patient during a SYNC as every item is being transferred to or from the cloud. SYNC is complete when the status bar reaches 100% and the SYNC button turns back to dark blue.